Free Spanish Classes Ensenada June, 2022

The Smiley Family is excited to announce FREE Spanish classes every Tuesday at 6PM at their home, 45 minutes south of Ensenada. Learn from a native Spanish speaker in an immersive environment.

What's in store for you at your first Spanish class

You may feel intimidated when you think about attending your first Spanish class, but there's no need! We have guests of all levels, and everyone is welcome.

Learn Spanish on the beach!

Bring a jacket, it gets chilly!


Learn about characteristics and descriptions of people, with vocabulary words such as:

  • rizado
  • ondulado
  • liso
  • largo
  • corto
  • nariz
  • ojos
  • pecas
  • and more!

Play a fun game of “Guess Who?” mixed with “Pictionary!”



Get a refresher and do a quick follow-up on descriptive words. Learn about ser, estar, and how and when to use them.

Play a “fill in the blank” game with amigas!


Review what we learned for the month. No worries, if this is your first class, you can easily catch up! We will have all the worksheets for the month available this class.

Info and Tickets

Spots are limited to 10 guests. RSVP by sending the coordinator, Sadie, a PM on Facebook so we can save your spot!

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