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Meet the Smileys

Meet The Smileys: Sips of Coffee and Acts of Kindness Around the Globe

Visiting LaBufadora in Baja California, Mexico!

Hola! bienvenidos! We are the Smileys.

We’re the Smileys: Kevin, Sadie, and Sapphire. As a family, our passports are our prized possessions, and our home is wherever our next adventure takes us.

Here on the blog you will find:

  • photos and stories of our daily lives
  • lessons we are learning along the way
  • trips we want to take, and more!

Give up the rat race and join us in Mexico!

We had no idea how much stress we were under, just in our day to day lives in the U.S. I mean, we had an idea, I guess, but we were so used to it we just did what we thought we had to do to survive everyday. Little did we know we would sell our house and most of our belongings and land in Mexico, aka Paradise!

Most of the blogs we found were about living on the mainland in Mexico. We live near Ensenada and have found that things can be very different here! Follow along as we share our daily lives in Mexico of an interracial family of 3, with 2 lovely pit bulls.

Need Some Inspiration In Your Life?

Are you ready to give up the rat race? Ready to stop being a cog in the wheel of bullshit? Join us in Mexico – or wherever your heart may lead you! The key is picking up and MAKING THE LEAP, no matter your circumstances… just like we did! Yes, we had to leave a lot behind – but what we gained was 10x better.

Even if you have no idea where you want to land, you can start daydreaming TODAY! Where would you go if money were no object? Start there! We will figure out the rest along the way… together. 🙂


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