How Ensenada is Handling the Virus

The world is handling Covid in different ways. In the US and Canada, they are trying to mandate the use of masks in public and vaccinations. The public has rejected this and blocked roads, held protests, and it seems no one is thinking of the greater good.

In Mexico, the people seem to come together for the greater good. They get vaccinated when they can, They have safety measures in place to ensure that healthy people are entering establishments and they ensure that everyone is protecting everyone else.

Temperature Checks are Everywhere

In Ensenada, every store, restaurant, gym, and coffee shop has temp checks set up right at the door. They also require you to sanitize your shoes and hands prior to entry. We feel safer going out here than we did in the US. Here they seem to care more for the collective well-being than individuals being slightly uncomfortable for a few minutes while they wear a mask.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are literally everywhere no matter where you go. You will have to have your temp checked when you enter any establishment to include gas stations, all stores, every single establishment we have gone into has had a temperature check a the door.

EVERYONE wears a mask.

One of the big things we noticed right away was everyone here wears a mask. Whenever we see people outside or in establishments they are courteous and kind and they all have on a mask. The people here want to make sure everyone is safe. They realize it is not about one person's comfort but everyone's survival.

Wearing a mask should be done to prevent the spread of infection and to help keep everyone safe. In the US it seems people are more interested in their own comfort rather than the health of their neighbors. It is truly sad and depressing that we are so divided on Earth. That we take our own comfort above the well-being of others.

Wearing a Mask is not a Political Debate

The people here just seem more interested in the survival of their families and their communities. We are constantly amazed at the willingness of the people here to help us and each other. Wearing a mask should not be a political debate.

We wear a Mask to Protect You

If wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of a deadly virus then my family will do that. If wearing a mask will possibly help me not to infect others then I will do that. We have noticed that when missionaries and others come here to spread their religion and help the less fortunate they do not wear masks – unnecessarily risking the lives of the people they are claiming they want to help.

Missionaries are not Wearing Masks

They are essentially willing to spread any virus they may be carrying to the very people they came here to help. The missionaries have access to health care and doctors that the indigenous people here do not have access to. Even if they have access to health care it is not the same level of care that the missionaries enjoy.

In the video below which was published on June 5th, 2021 you will see, even though what they are accomplishing is amazing. I do not want to discredit what they are doing. That being said none of the volunteers are wearing a mask when they are interacting with the people they are helping.

We will make sure we are protecting others. Always

Building them a house is wonderful but making them sick in the process or even potentially exposing them to any virus when they do not have the means to go to a doctor or seek medical attention, is a risk we should not take. This is what I am mean when I say we need to protect the people around us. This is why my family wears masks all the time when we interact with anyone outside of our home.

We vow to protect the ones we help.

We have seen firsthand what happens when someone does not protect the people around them. We have suffered loss just like many of the people reading this have. We have chosen to protect those we are trying to help. My family has chosen to help those in need and protect them at the same time.

This is not helping but hurting the very people they came down here to serve.

Expats and Visitors to Mexico

Expats as well as those traveling on cruise ships or crossing the border to shop, who refuse to wear a mask are part of the problem. They are spreading the virus faster among the citizens of Mexico. This makes it harder to fight the pandemic. Wake up and make a conscientious decision to help become a part of the solution and not the problem.

Tijuanan Mexico headed to San Diego

If you don't believe that wearing a mask will help you to not spread the virus or if you don't believe in science at all then stay home. Go back to being a caveman and allow the rest of us to thrive.

I for one am tired of the rhetoric that science isn't real or that wearing a mask is too uncomfortable and blah, blah, blah. If you don't want to do what is best for your fellow man then stay in the US and attend superspreader events and whatever else it is you want to do. Just stay in your own country and stop spreading viruses and diseases to countries that are trying to stop them.


Sanitizer is everywhere. If you need to clean your hands every store and building, every restaurant, and business all have hand sanitizer for you to use. The businesses here help to keep everyone safe just as the people do.

Sanitizer was only this readily available in the US for a short period of time. Now the people have relaxed and as a whole, it doesn't seem that the US is taking the pandemic seriously. Something as simple as putting sanitizer on your hands before entering a store has been made political.

Sanitizing is paramount here. After every person has left a restaurant or after you have entered and left a store the things you touch are sanitized by the employees. We have witnessed employees in stores such as Walmart and CaliMax wiping down shelves and making sure the store is safe for all of the patrons.

Here we are in February of 2022 and the measures to combat the virus are in full effect. Unlike other places in the world here in Ensenada they are serious about keeping each other safe. This is one of the many reasons we love it here.

According to World Meters, The world wide statistics on 2/13/2022 the US is number one in confirmed Covid-19 cases and Mexico is 16 on the list. That is a drastic difference and another reason we chose to come live here. That being said the CDC hs moved Mexico form a level 3 high risk to a level 4 very high risk and the CDC does not advise travel to mexico. The US is not rated a 4 on this list even though the risk is higher.

The Political Aspect of the Pandemic

In our opinion, it is stupid to make wearing a mask or getting a vaccination a political issue. Either you are for helping to keep people safe or you are not. Why did the government have to get involved to make people do what is necessary to survive?

trump mocking wearing a mask
Trump mocking mask-wearing

Do you all not realize that without the vaccines and people wearing masks this virus would have the potential to eradicate life as we know it? I believe it is that serious. We still need to mask up and protect each other. This should have never had to become political. The government being involved thus far has both helped us get a virus in record time and has caused unnecessary fighting amongst factions.

The democrats and the republicans both are looking for angles that best serve their agendas rather than having the best interest of the public and their constituents in mind. It amazes me every day, the stupidity of human beings. Blocking supply chains because you don't want to wear a mask or get a potentially life-saving vaccine.

Governments around the globe seem to only be interested in the monetary aspect of the pandemic. Not saying it isn't necessary to keep the monetary side in mind but here in Ensenada, Mexico, the people, and the businesses have each other's wellness in mind. Here there is a sense of community. Here we look out for each other. Here I feel safer than I ever did in the States. The measures they have in place to combat this virus and the extent to which everyone comes together and obeys the law instead of fighting it is what makes me feel safer here.

Here the people come together for the greater good. This is the best way to ensure our families are safe.

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