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Best Coffee Shops in Ensenada

Ready to elevate your coffee game in Ensenada? Join us on a virtual tour of the city's most beloved coffee shops where each cup tells a unique story.

Experience the rich aromas, warm hospitality, and distinct flavors that define each cafe, making them a vital part of the local community and a must-visit destination for any coffee lover.

Sadie, Sapphire, and I have sampled coffee everywhere we travel. From the U.S. to Mexico and India, and a few places in between. We love coffee and finding new places to enjoy that cup of joe.

We live here in Ensenada an have sampled the coffee from many of the different coffee shops and these are a few of the ones we love. The last one is were we buy our beans to make our coffee at home.

Sant's Coffee Bar

wall at Sant's Coffee Bar
wall at Sant's Coffee Bar

Great tasting coffee and espresso. Great fruit based drinks and good food. They have also have fast Wifi.

A cozy place to come and work. If you are looking for a semi quiet place to work, and great coffee, be sure to check out Sant's Coffee Bar. The waitress spoke english, the music is pleasant and the atmosphere is perfect for hanging out, working, or relaxing.

large americano and a fruit plate at Sant's Coffee Bar
large americano and a fruit plate at Sant's Coffee Bar

I had my usual an Americano. The coffee had amazing flavor and notes of chocolate.

Sadie ordered a jamiaca, she liked it. Sadie has a discerning palate and since her best friend makes us amazing jamiaca at home she is very particular when ordering it when we are out. If she likes it then it is amazing. Sapphire had a mango smoothie and she enjoyed it immensley.

Curtise in the background and Kevin's pancakes, eggs, and bacon breakfast with a coffee cup and syrup on the table
Working with Curtise

The food was pretty good as well, I had pancakes bacon and eggs, Sapphire had Chilequiles with chicken and Sadie ate breakfast at home as she prefers my cooking.

chilaquiles rojo

The pancakes were not the best that I have had here in Ensenada but they were delicious, the bacon was coooked perfectly and the eggs were just how I asked for them.

Sapphires Chilaquiles were delicious as well. They had good flavor maybe a bit more black pepper than she would have liked but still worth it.

Sapphire's mango smoothie
Sapphire's mango smoothie

Sant's is definitely a must visit for coffee lovers and remote workers alike.

On your way down to Baja California make sure to stop the Best Coffee Shops in Long Beach depending on where you are coming from you can check out these Best Coffee Shops in San Jose or these shops in Santa Cruz

Baretto's Café de Especialidad

Barettos Sign street view
Barettos Sign street view

When we move to Mar Azul after living in the Centro area of Ensenada and trying a few coffee shops there, We discovered this hidden gem.

Baretto quickly became our go to coffee shop. The flavor and the care and precision Lluvia (the owner) uses to make her creations is second to none in Manedero. We would visit daily sometimes twice a day to have a cup of Lluvia's delicious coffee.

Baretto's Menu
Baretto's Menu

Lluvia speaks English very well, we would go and learn Spanish from her as she brushed up on her English. It was a win win for us great coffee and learning Spanish.

She has excellent Wifi so if you are looking for a place to work as a digital nomad and a great cup of coffee, tea, or Boba. This is the place to go.

work area at Baretto's
Work area at Baretto's

Sadie loves the Vietnamita coffee, Sapphire likes the Boba tea, an the Iced Carmel Latte's, I enjoy my favorite the Americano with 2 extra shots of espresso. This is not a destination you will likely come across if you are visiting via one of the cruise lines that stop here.

Iced Vietnamita from Barettos
Iced Vietnamita from Barettos

But if you are here for the weekend or the week, take a trip to Manedero and enjoy some great coffee and conversation.

Inside Baretto's  the counter and 1 table are visible with a galss cold case in the background
Inside Baretto's

This should be a stop on every coffee lovers list when visiting Ensenada. Make sure to stop here and let her know you found her from our little blog.

Bread House

Outside the Bread House
Outside the Bread House

Hidden in the heart of Chapultapec, Mexico, Bread House Coffee Shop offers a delightful retreat for coffee aficionados and pastry lovers alike. My wife, Sadie, and I had the pleasure of visiting this charming café, and it truly stands out as one of the best coffee shops in the area. 

Bread House Menu
Bread House Menu

From the moment we stepped inside, we were greeted by the warm, inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods. The barista at Bread House Coffee Shop was not only skilled in his craft but also incredibly welcoming, making our experience even more enjoyable.

He spoke English very well and made us feel welcome.

Iced Mocha at the Bread House
Iced Mocha at the Bread House

The coffee at The Bread House is rich and flavorful, a perfect pick-me-up that energizes you for the day ahead. Each sip is a testament to the quality of their carefully selected beans and the precision of their brewing methods. 

However, it's not just the coffee that draws you in; the pastries are a real highlight. Baked fresh daily, the variety is impressive, ranging from flaky croissants to indulgent, cinnamon rolls that melt in your mouth. The balance of textures and flavors complements the coffee perfectly, making it impossible to visit just once.

pastries at the bread house
pastries at the bread house

Whether you're a local or just passing through, Bread House Coffee Shop is a must-visit destination just south of  Ensenada.

Sadie and I recommend settling in with a creamy iced mocha latte and a slice of one of their signature pastries to truly understand why this place has captured our hearts.

The Bread House affogato
The Bread House

This place is listed on Google but due to some recent and much needed road construction you may have to take a different route to get there.

We have not gone since the road was widened, we will take a trip and update you here if there are any detours.

Rada Coffee Roasters

Outside Rada Coffee Roasters

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Ensenada, Café Rada stands out as a cherished spot for my wife Sadie and me. The people who work here are fluent in English and are very friendly making every visit delightful.

The Menu at Cafe Rada

What truly sets Café Rada apart is their exceptional coffee. Each sip is a testament to their dedication to quality, and their perfect roasting process which they do in house. You can continue to enjoy making their coffee at home by purchasing one of their freshly roasted bags of coffee beans.

Cafe Rada Coffee Roasters
Cafe Rada Coffee Roasters

Whether you're starting your morning or needing an afternoon pick-me-up, Café Rada offers more than just a cup of coffee, it's an experience to be savored.

The coffee beans we bought to make at home
The coffee beans we bought to make at home

We love finding local small businesses to support but even more so when they produce amazing cups of coffee. When that happens we can't help but shout them out and tell everyone.

Rada is one such place and we encourage you to try them out when you visit Ensenada.

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